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January 18, 2016

4 Emails We Think Are Awesome

Awesome_Emails_resized.jpgHey- guess what! Your clients WANT to hear from you, and with a little inspiration, your prospects will too. Our friends over at HubSpot posted a blog with examples of great email marketing campaigns. (See the article here). We loved it, and wanted to elaborate on some of our favorite ideas.

 So, fine readers, get your pen and notepad ready, because here are 4 tips to help you create an awesome email campaign. 

   1.   Keep it Personal

Believe it or not, a little personalization goes a long way. Something as simple as including your client’s name in the greeting will help to further engage their attention. If names aren’t an option, try following RunKeeper’s example. They begin their email with, “Hi friend,” which creates a more intimate, conversational email message. Coming off as “sales-y” can be a big turn-off for your readers; personalizing with small details helps make your messages feel a little less robotic.


     2.   Segment Your Audience

Depending on your business offerings, you could have clients who are interested in different information. Just remember that one-size never fits all. Take note from Amazon Local- they simply asked their readers what they were interested in. Encouraging your readers to provide feedback will give you valuable insight into their specific needs. You can use this information to create custom offers or calls-to-action, and to attract prospects with similar needs.


     3.   Exclusivity is Key 

Who doesn’t like to feel special? Tory Burch leverages exclusivity by detailing a “Private Sale” in their email campaign. Readers now feel as though they have been granted the ‘opportunity’ to shop these elite sales. This in turn creates a sense of urgency to take part in the offer.


     4.   Visual Appearance 

This one may seem obvious, but it takes more than a picture or two to grab your readers’ attention. There’s a few ways to accomplish this feat, including animation, humor, infographics, etc. However, we think top-notch formatting is the most crucial part of visual appearance. You need to give your reader’s a reason to keep scrolling through your email.

Check out this Jet Blue email campaign. They begin their email with a compelling headline, following that with “It’s Our One Year Anniversary!”. Presumably, their readers have no idea why they have an anniversary with an airline, which baits them into scrolling down for more information. Then, they have small, easy-to-digest sections with more information. You don’t really find out what the offer is until you get to the bottom of the email, followed immediately by a relevant CTA. Great job, Jet Blue.


So there it is, folks. Next time you’re getting ready to send, keep these ideas in mind. If you want to learn more about building long-lasting relationships with your clients- click that download button below.



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