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September 12, 2017

Ideal Length for Social Media Posts and Online Content

Streamworks Marketing Social Media Content Marketing

The length of your online content has a direct impact on how well it performs (we’re talking reach, likes, clicks, comments, shares, etc). Writing captions, tweets, and posts that are the ideal length for their platform will allow you to maximize engagement and increase results. 

When you sit down to write a new social media post, blog, email, or video, there should be two numbers that you care about: 1) the length limit for that platform, and 2) the ideal length for engagement. Note that those numbers are almost never the same. The ideal length for social media posts varies by platform and almost never takes full advantage of the character limit.

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For example, Facebook’s character limit for status updates is 63,206 characters (or approximately 30,000 words). For context, the average 300-page novel clocks in at about 80,000 words. How much engagement do you think a Facebook post would get that utilizes the full character limit?

Not much.

There’s plenty of data out there supporting what the ideal word count is for various forms of online content. But we don’t want you to waste time googling that data every time you sit down to write a new tweet or upload a photo to Instagram. So we aggregated data from multiple sources and studies to put together a handy social media cheat sheet for you.

This cheat sheet includes the ideal length for the following forms of online content:

- Facebook 

- Twitter 

- Instagram

- Blog posts 

- Email 

Reference this infographic when you need a reminder on how many words will earn you the most engagement on a given platform. And let us know if you start to see an uptick in likes, shares, clicks, or comments! 

Streamworks Social Media Content Infographic 

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Sources: Campaign Monitor, Hubspot, Pinterest, Sprout Social

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