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Maximize Your Marketing with Data Segmentation

Posted on Nov 21, 2017

Right offer, right audience, right time—those have been marketing’s three tent poles since most of us can remember. But in an age of ever-accumulating data, consumers have come to expect a much more refined and personalized relevance from the advertising they receive, both online and offline. 

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Use RFM Segmentation to Create Winning Offers and Content

Posted on Mar 28, 2016

How do you market to your customers if you aren’t aware of their needs? Better yet, how do you get through to your customer if you don’t know how to reach them?

To sell to your customer is to know your customer. Without understanding how to properly engage your customer, your marketing tactics are bound to fall flat.

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Insider Tips to Lower Your Direct Mail Costs

Posted on Feb 26, 2016

Did you know commercial postal rates will decrease April 10, 2016?  (Learn more here.)  That got us thinking: besides postage, what other insider tips and tricks are out there to keep your direct mail budgets in check?  Read on to learn some creative ways to lower costs and best practice reminders to make sure you’re maximizing your direct mail dollars.

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6 Tips to Make Your Next In-Home Product Test Go Smoothly

Posted on Jan 13, 2016

Implementing your next in-home usage test (IHUT) shouldn’t be stressful. Below are six tips to help make sure your next market research project goes off without a hitch. 

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Answer These 5 Questions to Develop Buyer Personas

Posted on Dec 10, 2015

A buyer persona is a research-based representation of your ideal customers based on demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. By using buyer personas to segment your database, you’ll better market and reach your ideal customers. In fact, 70% of consumers said they are comfortable receiving ads and content crafted specifically to them (Print in the Mix).

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Data Segmenting :: Key to Marketing Success

Posted on Jan 21, 2015

Send the right offer (or message) to the right audience at the right time.  It’s an old marketing adage that you can take to the bank.  But if your data isn’t segmented, how can you be sure you’re doing just that?
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