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June 02, 2015

Why You Should Be Using Track 'n Trace for Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Cloud MailHave you looked to integrate your direct mail with other marketing activities, but didn’t know the right time to send? Or, have you wished you knew the location of your mail pieces? Now, these major direct mail headaches can be resolved using Track ‘n Trace, the intelligent mail tracking system.

How it works

With Track ‘n Trace, an intelligent barcode is placed on each individual mail piece, allowing you to track individual pieces by a variety of filters such as mail recipient, location or timestamp. Using the Intelligent Mail Tracking Portal, you can receive real-time delivery results on your individual direct mail pieces up until the final destination point.

The intelligent barcode includes a unique mailer ID and serial number, allowing for specific pieces, or even groups of mailers, to be tracked. Whether it’s standard, first class or periodical mail – it can all be tracked using the intelligent barcode.

Because the tracking data collection is automatic, it won’t slow down the delivery process.

Benefits of Track ‘n Trace

  • You will know the location of important mail pieces like checks, statements, catalogs and direct mailers.
  • You can access the Intelligent Mail Tracking Portal, and view the progress of all your direct mail jobs at your own convenience.
  • Receive performance reports including: delivery summaries, delivery statistics, delivery barcode scan summaries, delivery exceptions and U.S. maps with state-by-state delivery performances.
  • You can filter reports by geography, date delivered, individual pieces and delivery results.

Tracking your direct mail pieces will help:

  •          Integrate multiple channels into one campaign
  •         Close the loop in CRM systems
  •         Set up triggers for latter marketing events
  •         Staff call centers, store locations or help desks
  •         Receive timestamp reporting
  •         Plan future marketing or sales efforts

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