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September 11, 2015

14 Social Media Marketing Tools the Pros Use

With the ever-changing landscape of social media, shouldn’t there be tools out there to make it easier? Well luckily, tools are being developed just as fast as the social landscape is changing.

To make managing your social media accounts easier, Social Media Examiner has shared pro-verified tools that will help you work more efficiently and effectively on social media.

Below are some of our favorite tools originally featured in the Social Media Examiner article, 14 Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by the Pros. (Check out the full article for the complete list.)

1. Stay in the loop.

Want to know what’s trending today? Look no further than Impactana. Using this tool, you’ll be able to find content that’s trending on social, and use that information to create better content that will get more shares, likes, views and retweets.

2. Make organization easier.

Not an expert organizer? Sick of overstocked Excel spreadsheets? Trello is a great tool for you. Not only can you use it as a task organizer and project planner for your daily tasks, but it can also be used to organize your social posts, create a social calendar or develop an organized content repository.

Image originally featured on Social Media Examiner. 

3. Add images with ease.

With all the image dimensions across social channels, and the ever-changing dimension parameters, cropping and choosing Twitter images can be a major pain-point for social users. But, Twitshot has made it a whole lot easier. Using Twitshot, you can type your Tweet, insert a URL, and Twitshot will populate images from that link. All you have to do is select the desired image, and crop as desired.

Image orginally featured on Social Media Examiner

4. Spice up your analytics.

This tool is for the data-fans out there. With SocialRank, you can sort your followers on both Instagram and Twitter, by a variety of traits such as levels of engagement or location. This tool will help you identify and better understand your most valuable followers, giving you a major social leverage point.

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