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October 18, 2016

15 Social Media Content Ideas to Engage Followers


When we polled fellow marketers on the social media challenges they face, it became loud and clear that the balance between finding time and fresh content ideas is a constant battle for them. If you’re reading this article, it probably is for you, too.

The thing about content is that we all have it at our disposal - it’s in how we expend it that determines the success of our strategy. It bears to be repeated that long-term success doesn’t happen overnight; it requires constant course correction.

So shake things up a little bit and diversify your social media posts with these 15 tried-and-true content ideas.

15 Social Media Content Ideas To Engage Your Followers

  1. Break the News: Keep a handle on news as it relates to your industry or niche, and share it with your own account. A great way of staying up on your own industry news is by setting up Google Alerts for keywords.
  1. Tip Your Hat: It’s one thing to proclaim yourself a resource; it’s another to act the part. Push out tips as they relate to your industry, or create how-to content in the form of short videos, infographics and/or e-books.

  1. Live Tweet: If you’re at a conference or industry event, tweet out a sound bite and give those who couldn’t be there a front row seat to all the happenings. It shows that staying up-to-date in your industry is important to you, which will positively trickle down to your followers. And speaking of Twitter…
  1. Twitter Chats: ...Run or participate in a Twitter chat to demonstrate your expertise. Incidentally, this can forge relationships with social influencers or leaders in your industry.


  1. Highlight Team Members: Acknowledging your peers is a great way to reward staff and boost company morale in real time. Not to mention, it gives your followers the opportunity to see the names and faces behind the brands they support. Grab a quote or fun fact from the individual, along with a candid snapshot.


  1. Go Behind the Scenes: When fans and followers can see your human side, they connect with your brand more personally. Show them what a day in the life at your company is like, or give them a sneak peek at how an event or product was put together.


  1. Repurpose Blog Posts: Pull posts from the archives that you think warrant more attention than initially granted, and/or refresh dated posts by adding new information or material.
  1. Use Quotes: Whether it’s an industry source, public figure, or someone from your company, identify a powerful quote that you know will resonate with your audience and visualize it.


  1. Theme Days: Identify a day or two of the week where you’ll create posts under a common theme with a snappy hashtag. Think: Motivational Monday or Throwback Thursday. This is also a great way to stay accountable for posting content regularly!

Image_9.png10. Compile Top Lists: Create a weekly round-up of popular news or top headlines in your industry to build conversation and           position your company as an expert resource.

11. Pass the Mic: Collecting feedback through polls and surveys not only provides you with a wealth of information, it will inform your next product or campaign and show that you value your audience’s opinions. Plus it’s a chance to showcase your fun side, as Charmin demonstrates.


  1. Serialize Your Content: Identify a major holiday or industry event and create a campaign around it. Imagewerks, our digital and branding agency, posted a series of twelve blog posts about user experience in the twelve days leading up to Christmas.


  1. Create GIFs: According to Twitter, posts with photos get 313% more engagement. Capitalize on this and build short-looping videos to showcase a new product, service or solution.


  1. Tease Your Content: Pique your audience’s curiosity by sharing a powerful line or stat from a resource like your blog post or a webpage.
  1. Cross-Promote: Recently adopt a new social platform like SnapChat? Promote it on your established channels to drive audience numbers and to show that you’re expanding your presence.

Creating a social media content strategy and sticking to it can be tricky for any business owner or marketer. Like the rest of us, you’ll find days where you run into a case of writer’s block, lose inspiration, or let your efforts fall to the wayside in favor of other priorities.

The key to success is opening yourself up to new ideas and experimenting to see what fares (or flounders!) for your business. If you want to learn more, watch our “Share and Tell: Your Cure for Social Media Anxiety” webinar.


Ready to get started? Download our Social Media Toolkit to get all the best tools for researching, developing and designing your social media content.


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