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December 09, 2020


5355 - SW 2021 Postal Guide_COVER


Our most popular direct mail tool — the Streamworks Postage Guide — just dropped, and you're going to want to secure your copy right now.


New Postage Rates from the United States Postal Service® go into effect on January 24, 2021. There are a few changes you should be aware of. Although overall, we see a slight price increase, not everything is changing.


• First-Class™ presorted postcard rates have a minimal increase from $0.260 to $0.269


• Marketing Mail's letter rate saw a category increase under 1%


No change in Marketing Mail saturation rates for letters or flats


• First-Class™ presorted rates for letters & postcards increased by 2.63% overall


• First-Class™ rates for flats increase slightly by 1.260% overall


As you begin planning your direct mail campaigns for 2021, we hope you will find the new 2021 Streamworks Postage Rate Guide helpful and we look forward to working with you on your direct mail efforts this year.

What's new in the guide this year

• We've added four additional pages of content that include information on permit imprints, cost savings tips, and envelope reference guide.


Interactive PDF that includes links to more helpful information.


In addition to a digital download, you can request a printed copy of our guide mailed directly to you. Provide your preferred mailing address by filling out the request form and be one of the first to have this handy tool at your disposal.


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