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April 04, 2023

Get Ahead with USPS®'s Emerging & Advanced Technology Promotion

SW_USPS Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion


We've highlighted other promotions & incentive programs that USPS® is running this year, and the next one starting May 1, 2023 is the Emerging & Advanced Technology Promotion.


This latest promotion is about integrating mobile shopping; augmented, mixed, and virtual reality; near field communication, voice assistance technology, and video in print.


But what does all of that mean?


Mobile Shopping

Scannable images and QR codes can take customers straight from a mail piece to an online store. To make mail that has a big impact and increases sales, you can surround your logo with a dotless QR code or incorporate a visual QR code into your images.


Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Virtual Reality

You're not just sending direct mail when you include AR, MR, or VR in mailpieces; instead, you're bringing consumers an object, taking them somewhere new, or altering the world they live in.


Near Field Communication

By including an NFC tag to printed mailers, you can swiftly and wirelessly send information to phones, laptops, watches, and other devices.


Voice Assistance Technology

Utilizing voice assistant prompts in mailers, you can engage customers in actual conversations, respond to inquiries, and foster relationships.


Video In Print

Use video-in-print technology to offer the video content your customers need without getting lost in the digital noise, whether it's a new product launch, an exclusive invitation, or a fantastic how-to tip.


What is Eligible?

• First-Class Mail® letters, cards, and flats

• USPS Marketing Mail® letters and flats

• Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats


3% Discount Applies to the following:


• "Enhanced" Augmented Reality

✔️ triggers apps, QR code or barcode


• Basic Integration with Voice Assistant

✔️ triggers Voice Assistant


• Mobile Shopping

✔️ triggers QR code or barcode


4% Discount Applies to the following:


• Advanced Integration with Voice Assistant

✔️ triggers Voice Assistant


• Video in Print Technology

✔️ triggers apps, QR codes or barcodes, NFC, or video embedding


• Near Field Communication

✔️ triggers NFC


• Mixed Reality

✔️ triggers apps, QR code or barcode, NFC


• Virtual Reality

✔️ triggers apps, QR code or barcode, NFC


What ISN'T Eligible?

• Periodicals

• Bound Printed Matter

• Media Mail


The Emerging & Advanced Technology Promotion will run from May 1-November 30, 2023. The registration period started on March 15, 2023.


You can learn more about the promotion on the USPS® Postal Pro™ website, which includes a link to a webinar and a PDF download with full details.


If you have any questions or want to explore options for your next mailing, contact us to speak with a direct mail expert.


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