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April 16, 2019

3 Essentials for Data-Secure Direct Mail



Data is one of your organizations most valuable assets, which is why it is vital to take your data security seriously and ensure that necessary precautions are taken to protect it.


Companies in regulated industries like healthcare and financial services are well aware of the imperative need for data security when producing their marketing communications programs. But in today’s data-sensitive world, it has become a necessity for all types of organizations—and for all types of campaigns, including direct mail.


With every change in technology and every report of data mishandling, your choice in print vendors becomes more important than ever. You need a partner who takes security as seriously as you do, with the best solutions to meet your data management requirements.


So what types of technology, equipment and processes should you look for when choosing a direct mail vendor? We’ve outlined just a few essentials to insist upon when choosing a vendor:



Intelligent inserting combines cameras with 2D barcode technology to ensure that the right inserts are matched with the right envelopes, and that no mail piece is left behind.


Machines operating with 2D barcode technology use an innovative camera system to identify matching errors, doubles, and missing components in real-time. Between the barcodes and the cameras, mistakes are caught and corrected immediately.  



All direct mail and print vendors should have security control measures in place. But if you’re considering a vendor to produce campaigns containing sensitive data, it stands to reason that their security control measures be held to the highest standard.


Be sure to ask about their processes in depth. Do they follow a “clean desk policy” to ensure all sensitive information is never left unguarded at employee workspaces? Do they have a “disaster recovery plan” should anything happen to your vendor’s equipment or facilities?


Do they follow current “Acceptable Use” and “Privacy” policies? Are their physical building security measures and employee training up to standards? Will they be willing to accommodate extra quality control measures should you decide to require them?  


You’ll want to know the answers to all these questions to ensure the integrity of your project throughout the production stream.



Just because a company has strong security policies doesn’t necessarily mean they follow those policies day to day. Request copies of third-party security audits to eliminate those who don’t practice what they preach.


The SOC 2 SSAE 18 is a common audit that spans many industries. It focuses on controls that directly relate to security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality.


Even the most brilliantly executed marketing campaign won’t be worth much if your customer and company data get compromised in the process. From audits and compliance to training and technology, it’s critical that your direct mail production partners are as committed as you are to protecting information. So choose wisely—and securely.


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