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April 13, 2016

3 Reasons Why Repeat Mailings Can Make Your Campaign Count



One and done is better than none, but it’s far from using direct mail to its fullest potential. Being direct is about touching prospects and customers not once, not twice, but as many times as it takes for your message to find its mark.

Many industry experts believe it takes 9 to 12 marketing touches to get through to your prospects in today’s market before you can expect to convert them into customers.

In a marketplace dominated by digital ads, direct mail gives brands an advantage when it comes to making an impression. Think about it: you probably check your email and social feeds multiple times a day, but you only check your mailbox once a day. The routine of getting the mail and its ability to be held and touched, helps direct mail stand out in today’s digital landscape.

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Here’s why repeat mailings are fundamental to the success of your direct mail campaign. 

1. (Direct) mail involves ritual.  

A number of factors can influence our daily lives, and the time of day in which we check our mailbox is no exception. Many people look forward to receiving their daily mail. For every piece of mail you deploy, you increase the chances of higher visibility and interaction, reaching your recipients in a relaxed environment at a time of their choosing.

2. Direct mail drives digital engagement.

Direct mail has been around for a long time, but it still manages to keep pace with the changing times. It’s capable of influencing both online and offline marketing channels, with a proven ability to drive customers to your store, website, or social platforms.

Engagement pieces driven through direct mail--such as coupons, reply forms, or QR codes--can be leveraged to create a mailing sequence, even within the same campaign.

This can be effective in a couple of ways: the variety can help keep your materials from looking too repetitive, and it gives you a direct line in measuring response rates, as well as gauging how response types perform against each other.

3. Direct mail is tactile. 

There’s a wide range of inexpensive and easy methods for you to execute your campaign’s repeat touchpoints. While an email is many brand’s default, requiring just a click or two from a viewer, direct mail campaigns can add impact and interaction.

Direct mail can awaken the senses, inspiring a more hands-on experience, while a simple postcard usually guarantees at least one touch. Whichever form you choose, any stimulus that gives your recipient a moment of pause makes way for another opportunity to make an impression.

The beauty of mail marketing is that you can try several different materials at a low cost and highly competitive cost-per-lead. If you want conversions to happen, then the touches must follow. Send, rinse, and repeat.

As you deploy repeat mailings, it’s important to stay on top of USPS rates and rules. The Streamworks’ postal experts are always available to help you navigate the USPS terrain and get the lowest rates possible.

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