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June 26, 2018

3 Tips to Get Out of a Marketing Communications Rut

communications rut


Are you starting to notice you’re not quite hitting the yearly marketing goals you planned?


June marked the halfway point to the end of the year. Is that a scary thought? Don’t fret. We have a few tips to help get you out of your marketing communications rut.

Revise your content strategy:
Take a look at the content you’re pushing out right now. What do you notice? If you start to see your content is no longer relevant to your audience, it’s time to switch it up. When creating content, you always need to keep the consumer top of mind.

It’s important to keep your content relevant, compelling and tailored to your audience. That way you know you’re providing the consumer with exactly what they’re looking for from your brand.

Don’t forget to review and analyze your content consistently throughout the year. You will be able to find out what is working with your audience and what isn’t quite right. This will help you revise your strategy and test out something new.

Put your analytics to use:
Numbers never lie. That is one fact of marketing we have to trust. The analytics you receive off each campaign are invaluable. Your analytics will show you which marketing efforts you can attribute to the successes and downfalls. Practice using these powerful insights to improve your overall marketing.

Take a look at your past metrics and conversion rates. What are the numbers telling you? It will be easy to tell where you went wrong but also where you were successful.


This is helpful to look at because you can quickly learn which strategies you used that worked well and the parts of your campaigns that maybe could use an update or refresher. Expand on what you do well. For example, say you have strong blogging efforts, try mixing in video, new content ideas, or new calls to action. 

Don't start from scratch:
When we fail, starting from scratch sometimes feels like our best option. But, when you think about your campaign as a whole, the entire thing was probably not a failure. Sometimes it’s just one piece of your strategy that needs updating and fixing. Rather than throwing away the hard work you put into it – take time and look into where your campaign went wrong.

Taking a second to look back at your campaign will help you move forward. Take your strategy, fix where it went wrong and try it again. Try new design or messaging. Sometimes the most minor detail can make the difference. Marketing is constantly changing, you will always learn something new about each strategy you implement. Testing strategies and tactics help you become more successful over time.

Being in a marketing communications rut is hard and it always seems daunting to get out of. However, try one or all of these tips to help get you on your way to executing a successful marketing campaign!

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