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February 04, 2016

4 Marketing Emails You Should Be Sending

There’s a lot to love about email: it’s cost effective, a natural fit for data segmenting and A/B testing, and easy to integrate with other marketing channels like direct mail. Below are four of our favorite and proven email campaigns that we think should be part of your marketing mix:

1. Welcome/Thank You Emails

Whether they’re signing up for your newsletter, have just downloaded a piece of content for the first time or made their first purchase with your company, a welcome/thank you email should be sent right away (if not immediately).  Sending welcome/thank you emails serve not only as a confirmation for the action the user just took, but they also set the tone for what it’s like to do business with your company.

Eighty percent of you are currently using this type of email and it’s no wonder – welcome/thank you emails enjoy some of the highest engagement rates, with average open rates of 50-60%.

Pro Tip:  Use welcome/thank you emails to reinforce your brand and the unique value propositions your organization offers.

2. Abandoned Cart Emails

If you have e-commerce functionality as part of your website, you should be sending abandoned cart emails. Obviously, the goal of sending abandoned cart emails is to convert a likely purchaser into a buyer. 

The metrics show that abandoned cart emails work – on average they lead to a purchase 30% of the time.  Even if they don’t lead to a purchase, abandoned cart emails may provide insights why a purchase wasn’t made (i.e. shipping charges were too high or not enough product information) that you can use to refine user experience and improve conversion rates.

Pro Tip:  When sending abandoned cart emails, remind the recipient why you’re sending the email with language like “second chance” or “last chance”; create a sense of urgency and sweeten the deal by offering a discount; offer suggestions of products similar to the ones they abandoned in the shopping cart – maybe one of these better fits what they’re looking for and will persuade them to buy.

3. Win-Back Emails

The odds of winning back lapsed customers are better than those for acquiring new customers (not to mention more cost-effective).  After all, lapsed customers are already familiar with the products and services you have to offer.

To develop a win-back email program, nurture customers showing abnormal periods of activity, calculated based on your business and marketing objectives.  Use these emails to send increasingly attractive offers (free trials or discounts) to entice customers back or provide new or additional product information.

Pro Tip:  Win-back emails are a great way to find out how your customers want to be communicated with.  Use the emails to find out if they would like to receive more or fewer emails, what types of products and offers they’re interested in, and what channels they prefer to receive this information (it may not be email!).

4. Nurturing/Drip Emails

Just because someone reached out to your company doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy.  That’s where nurturing or drip email campaigns come into play.  By sending regular emails with relevant information your prospects can use, nurture emails not only help pull leads through the sales funnel but help guarantee you’re top of mind when they are ready to buy.

The beauty of nurture email campaigns is that, with the help of marketing automation software, they essentially manage and send themselves based on the triggers and cadence you set up.

Pro Tip:  Nurture emails are a great opportunity to repurpose some of your most popular content. Use blog posts, videos, e-books, case studies and other popular offers to engage and convert your audience.


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