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July 12, 2016

5 Video Types That Will Boost Your Digital Strategy

Low Budget Video Boost Digital Strategy

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start making room for video in your digital and content marketing strategies. Online video has been on the rise for years, and now in 2016 it’s the dominating medium of viral content. Video drives user engagement, shares, conversions and time spent on your site. What other form of content can consistently deliver these results?

Understanding the importance of video and how you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy will be critical for the ongoing success of your business.

You only have to look at a handful of statistics to understand why video is the future of digital marketing strategy. These stats were pulled from a SlideShare created by Adelie Studios:

Consider These 2016 Video Marketing Stats:

  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
  • Companies using video in their content strategy receive 41% more web traffic.
  • Video can increase landing page conversions by more than 80%.
  • Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic volume from search engines.
  • 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.
  • Native video uploads to Facebook have 10x higher reach than shared YouTube links.

YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web, and as many as 40% of consumers seek out video content when engaging in comparison shopping before making a purchase. Introducing video into your digital marketing strategy can have a significant impact on your discoverability and search engine rankings.

Video + Social = A Perfect Fit

Video isn’t just for YouTube anymore, either. As reported by USA Today, Facebook averages 8 billion video views per day, which is almost twice as many as this time last year. From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat, the outlets for video content are multiplying and it’s crucial to your long-term success that you learn how to make video work for your business.

The good news is that thanks to the proliferation of video, it’s now accessible to just about everyone. You no longer need to be a multimillion-dollar company with a production team and a large marketing budget in order to create quality video content.

Video marketing comes in many forms. The following 5 types of videos can give a big lift to your digital strategy without breaking the bank in production costs.

Use These 5 Video Types To Boost Your Digital Strategy

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is just what it sounds like—a video that explains who you are and what you do. It serves as a quick introduction to your company that creates a personal connection with new visitors and succinctly communicates your unique value.

Explainer videos can also be sprinkled throughout your site. Particularly if your company contains a variety of different divisions or product lines, explainer videos can be an engaging way for customers to familiarize themselves with the various facets of your brand without having to read through paragraphs upon paragraphs of copy.

Streamworks has an introductory explainer video on our own site. Check it out below.

How-To Videos

How-to videos make up some of the most in-demand video content online. Google tallied that searches for how-to videos on YouTube are growing 70% year-over-year, and Americans watched over 100 million hours of how-to content on the platform in the first quarter of 2015 alone. Being there for your customers in the critical “I need to know” moment can create a strong bond of trust between you and a potential buyer. According to Google, 1 in 3 millennials report making a purchase after watching a how-to video.

Even better news for marketers, how-to videos are relatively simple and straightforward to produce. Identify the “I need help” moments your customers regularly experience and create short, accessible videos that help walk them through their dilemma. Make sure to post videos with a descriptive title and keyword tags so that your content is easy for users to find when they need it. 

FAQ Video

FAQ pages can be very valuable for customers doing comparison research while shopping around for a particular product, but they can often become very long and daunting to read through. Creating a snappy video that answers common questions about your product or service is a great way to win over potential customers—over 40% of consumers report that video content increases the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase (Adelie Studios).

Looking for more ways to win over potential customers?

Download our free e-book, 30 Lead Generation Tips, Tricks, & Ideas.


Social proof—the form of social influence where we look to the actions and opinions of others as guidance for our own choices—is one of the most persuasive tactics you can employ on your website. Testimonial videos are a powerful way of harnessing that influence. Over 70% of consumers say they consult product reviews before making a purchase online.

Testimonials are so influential because of their apparent objectivity. If a brand touts its products as great, you take it with a grain of salt. But if another customer (or 1,000) says so, you’ll be more inclined to believe them. Ask satisfied customers if they’d be willing to contribute a sound bite about their experience. Compiling a handful of clips into a short testimonial video will tell a powerful story about your quality and your brand.


Product Demos

Like the how-to video, product demonstration videos are relatively easy to create but provide immense value to customers. Far preferable to sifting through an obscure manual full of dry instructional text, a product demo video makes customers feel like you’re not only invested in creating a quality product, but in ensuring a quality user experience—resulting in ultimate customer satisfaction.

There are dozens of ways you can incorporate video into your digital and content strategy. Get creative, and pay attention to what kinds of videos get you clicking “like,” “share,” or “buy.” Chances are there’s a way you can adapt the approach to work for your own brand.

Here is a great example of a HubSpot demo video.



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