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February 23, 2021

5 Techniques to Improve Your Next Fundraising Event

5 Techniques to Improve Your Next Fundraising Event


Holding fundraising events is one of the best ways to engage and interact with your supporters and increase donations.


These events can leave a good impression on them and enable them to trust you and make your relationships stronger.

Here are five techniques that you need to know to improve your next fundraising event:


Create a Well-Designed Website

Many people back out of fundraisers because of their long registration processes and procedures. So to avoid this, the High Fives Foundation decided to make an easy, well-designed supporter experience.


Participants can easily use receptive design pages to sign up for fundraisers and view their content on any electronic device. They also feel safer when registering because websites are an essential component of visual branding.


When a supporter visits your fundraiser page online, one of the first things that they look at on your page is the presentation and how easily they can understand and navigate through your content.


That's why you should make your page and content look visually pleasing and easy to understand for your donors. Responsive designs make fundraising pages look organized and neat because they can easily adjust to any computer device screen size.


The High Fives Foundation has witnessed a significant increase in its fundraisers for the past two years through proper website designing. That's why you need to find ways to make your fundraiser events easier to sign up for online for your supporters.


Nowadays, various software development companies have invented web development platforms for making the process of website creation smoother.


Acknowledge and Interact with Your Donors

If you think that the relationship between your organization and donor ends after they donate, that isn't a good practice. An excellent fundraising organization is such that it can retain its supporters for a long time.

Your donors must know their support is appreciated. Gaining new supporters is equally important as keeping in touch with previous donors. One way of showing gratitude to contributors who donated and attended your event is by sending them acknowledgment notes.

Contributors feel satisfied when they know that their donations are being used for a good cause. So, you must communicate with your donors through email or phone. Acknowledge their support, and inform them how their funds are benefitting your cause. Your cause of interaction shouldn't always be for requiring funds but also to show appreciation.


Support Unique and Interesting Campaigns for the Event

Using a campaigning strategy repeatedly can cause you to lose potential supporters as they lose interest. To prevent this, try to think out of the box and search for different campaign techniques. There are numerous choices available through which donors can support only those matters that align with their interests.


Repetitive campaigns can cause more harm as you can lose both new and repeat donors. Choose campaigns that connect with your trusted contributors. Such campaigns can help motivate previous and new donors to support your company goals.


Making use of software

As you hold more fundraising events, it can become quite challenging to manage all event planning processes and interact with your guests. However, there is a way to lessen the load, and that is by using software that can help reorganize or simplify all the features of your event planning processes. This software is known as event-planning software.


When you're planning for another fundraising event, this software can help you arrange the information you need to examine in your presentation. It can generate 

reports from data recorded from your past events and information on online ticketing, RSVP management, auction item management, depending on your software capabilities. 


Here is an example of an attendance increasing feature:


Attendee communications: if you want to make sure that your attendees don't face any problems when showing up at the event, you can do that easily. With the help of integrated software, you can share parking information and venue timings via email or text.


Here are a few examples of event management applications that you can try out.


• Cvent

• Eventbrite

• Eventzilla


Apply an Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

Thanks to the Internet, it's become much easier for people to connect and share information. It has led to creating various digital marketing channels that companies implement to reach out to their target audience. So, if you want your fundraising events to gain several supporters, you need to take advantage of all marketing channels. Below are a few examples of marketing channels:


• Social media marketing: Social media platforms are called the hubs of communication. People worldwide interact with, share posts, and hold group discussions. Social is an important marketing channel for sharing details about your fundraising event. Share relevant content related to fundraising events organized in the past so that more people become aware of your company's services.


• Influencer marketing: Social media influencers are known for developing a bond of mutual trust between them and their audience. So, they can be a great way to promote your fundraising event and become valuable brand advocates.


• Email Marketing: By understanding the tactics of designing an email, you can create a format to help you gain attention and support your fundraising event.

Wrapping Up

Fundraising events help to strengthen the relationship between your non-profit organizations and donors. They play an essential role in raising awareness about your cause and gaining the support of new donors.

It's necessary to make fundraising events better to gain better support for your cause. Choose a unique campaign idea for your next fundraising event, which will help to keep your contributors excited and interested in it.

Share information related to your company's goals due to your donors' support and acknowledge them. Apply online marketing strategies to gain better exposure to your audience about your event. Lastly, take advantage of event management applications to make your event planning processes smoother.


Looking for more information on how to effectively market your nonprofit? You can download a FREE copy of "Nonprofit Marketing: How to Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts" and request to have a printed version mailed to you.

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Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions, a Software Development Company.


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