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November 24, 2014

7 Common SEO Mistakes And What To Do About Them

As we reflect and give thanks this week, we are especially thankful for good SEO. As marketers, is there anything that beats page one search result rankings?

7 Common SEO Mistakes

If you haven’t quite yet reached page one (or #1 for that matter), below are some tips will inspire you to boost your SEO and get your company's web presence into tip-top shape!

  1. Using the wrong keywords in your title tags and meta descriptions. The best keywords are specific, local, and in terms your customers would search for and should be used throughout your title tags, meta tags and descriptions.
  2. Getting frustrated with SEO quickly. SEO is an ongoing process and doesn't happen overnight. We recommend analyzing and updating your SEO once a quarter.
  3. Poor website design. Websites that have little to no text, are built entirely in flash, or are not responsive to different device types will be frustrating to search engine crawlers and visitors alike.
  4. Bad content. Make sure your website provides valuable and unique content that is written with SEO in mind.
  5. Offsite issues. How credible are you in the eyes of Google? Keep in mind third-party links to achieve strong "authority." The more quality links the higher PageRank.
  6. Ignoring social media. Linking between social media sites and your website will help with inbound traffic and give your SEO an extra kick.
  7. Forgetting analytics. Understanding and utilizing analytics will help you tailor your keywords, links, and content so that your site offers precisely what your customers are looking for.

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