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August 01, 2017

5 Ways Marketing on Demand Can Boost Your Business

Streamworks Marketing on Demand Platform


In a recent blog, we covered the importance of brand management, developing a style guide and arming employees with the tools they need to adhere to it.


We also touched briefly on how a Marketing on Demand platform could help companies accomplish this more effectively and efficiently. So how do you determine if a Marketing on Demand platform is right for you?


It starts with asking yourself a few questions. Does your company have multiple offices or regional outlets? Are you concerned your brand is being mismanaged or diminished by others? Do you often face tight marketing deadlines? Are you understaffed and looking to streamline some of your management processes?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Marketing on Demand tool is a smart investment for your business.


Here are just some of the ways it can help:


1. Managing Assets

A marketing on demand platform allows you to upload all of your marketing assets into one central location. This is your opportunity to integrate all your disparate print and digital materials and make them accessible from one single portal, regardless of where a team member is located.


2. Brand Compliance

A common challenge companies encounter with remote sales teams or independent dealers is that in a pinch they’ll customize marketing materials themselves rather than going through the proper channels, often ignoring brand standards or even creating content that may be inaccurate.


This challenge is particularly serious for companies in regulated industries, such as healthcare or  financial companies, where not maintaining compliance standards has legal consequences. With Marketing on Demand, you can control which components of your marketing materials are customizable, and even retain final approval before materials go to print.


3. Efficiency 

In an ideal world, your sales team would have access to the collateral they need precisely when they need it. With Marketing on Demand, that ideal world is your reality. Marketing on Demand software streamlines the lag time between a request for materials and delivering them to team members in the field. The more efficiently your salespeople receive resources, the more efficiently they can seal the deal with prospective customers.


4. Over-Printing 

Marketing on Demand platforms allow you to print on an as-needed basis, so you can say goodbye to obsolete inventory and wasted resources. Print just as many copies as you need, never any more and never any less.


5. Personalization

Personalized marketing materials are an essential part of one-to-one marketing and the customer acquisition process. But finding the time and resources to provide local markets and remote teams with personalized marketing materials is a real challenge for corporate marketing departments.


With a Marketing on Demand platform, you can create templates that end users personalize with their location, industry or product information, greatly improving the efficiency of your marketing materials while decreasing time to market.


Marketing on Demand services streamline the relationship between marketing and logistics. From one central interface, you can localize assets, organize workflows, manage budgets, enforce branding specifications, and moderate access to collateral based on custom criteria such as market, user role, and more.


Ready to streamline your marketing assets? 

Schedule a free demo of Streamworks’ own marketing-on-demand platform—Stream 360—and see if it’s right for your business!

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