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October 23, 2018

Capture New Donors by Re-Engaging Lost Website Visitors



Everyone has a website but is yours growing your donor base?


How many donation opportunities are you missing by not re-engaging valuable visitors that leave your website?


Today, there are an overwhelming number of vendors who want to fix this problem but only specialize in one area of marketing. Find out how our in house digital and creative agency, Imagewërks Marketing can shift your marketing to the next level with their single-vendor solution: Prospect Engine.


Prospect Engine uses targeted and consistent messaging, combined with a better-qualified audience, to generate more new donors from your website. Which means, the right people are receiving the right message at the right time – and your website is truly helping you increase fundraising, no matter what your cause is.


Are you ready to turbo-charge your print and digital marketing and acquire new donors? Check out Imagewërks latest blog to see how Prospect Engine could work for you. 


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