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April 10, 2018

Concerned About Facebook's News Feed Changes?



You’re not alone.


In January, Facebook announced it was making changes to its news feed algorithm in an attempt to make time on the platform more meaningful—and perhaps more psychologically healthy.


The retooling is intended to promote content that generates back-and-forth conversations—rather than just likes or shares—and limit the amount of content that comes from publishers and brands.

Needless to say, those changes have businesses scrambling to understand how best to respond. After all, Facebook readily admits the changes will likely have big impacts on branded content, including but not limited to:

- reduced referral traffic;
- shorter video watch times; and
- a decline in organic reach

So what can you do about it? Streamworks’ in-house creative and digital agency, Imagewërks Marketing, has a few ideas. Check out their latest blog to learn how you can ensure you’re creating the kind of relevant, conversation-generating content Facebook is now rewarding.

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