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April 26, 2016

Use These Digital Tactics in Your Next Mail Campaign


There is often a mental divide between digital and direct marketing. Not only is this a strategic error, but it’s also a missed opportunity when it comes to design.

To give your next direct mail campaign a lift, try borrowing one of these popular digital tactics to incorporate into your next direct mail campaign.


You know those headlines that are so compelling you find yourself clicking on an article almost against your will? Those can work just as well in print.

The first challenge of any direct mail piece is getting the recipient to open it. There are several common strategies: personalization, “special offer!”, etc. So why not try a clickbait-inspired headline?

Ideally, the content within will not only satisfy your reader’s curiosity, but will connect back to your brand promise or mission, making this a branding tactic in addition to a “getting people to open my mailer” tactic.

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Online, images drive content. We’re more likely to click on, read, and share content that is visually engaging. Perhaps no digital format more effectively combines content with visuals than the infographic.

Adapting the information from a direct mail piece into the form of a printed infographic has great, mostly untapped potential to not only communicate a great deal of information in a compelling manner, but also to provide your recipients tangible evidence of your value. If you create an action-oriented piece that serves a practical use, they will keep it on hand.

Whether it’s a poster-sized design they can hang up in their office or a small reference sheet they can keep on hand for easy use, creating an action-oriented infographic that has practical value keeps your name top of mind and positions your brand as a valuable resource.


Digital marketing tactics, by their nature, integrate very easily with each other.  A few clicks of the keyboard, and your blog post now includes a call-to-action that links to a dedicated landing page, which features social sharing icons.

Integrating digital tactics with direct mail isn’t as natural, but no less important. That means a) designing a direct mail piece that visually fits into the scheme of your overall campaign and b) has a realistic and measurable goal for success, such as directing recipients to a landing page.

Successful marketers don’t have a split-brain approach to digital and direct marketing campaigns but rather view them as a comprehensive, integrated marketing system in which each initiative supports the overall goals of their campaign and brand.

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