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February 05, 2019

Direct Mail Inspiration for Interactive Design



Designing a direct mail piece that actually piques your recipient’s interest can be challenging.


The hope is that your recipient not only sees but engages with your mailpiece and is motivated enough to take action. Direct mail pieces that are designed to be interactive stand out and provide that opportunity for engagement and ultimately response.


Despite what the naysayers will tell you, technology has not caused the sun to set on direct mail but has, in fact, extended the horizon of direct mail possibilities. There are more opportunities than ever for creating interactive and integrated direct mail campaigns.


Here are 4 interactive direct mail templates to use:


Pop-Up Mailer:



Leave a lasting impression with a dimensional pop-up mailer, which encourages offer redemption by showcasing your message front and center. This format maximizes space for additional content to support your offer.


Ikea frequently uses pop-up style direct mail pieces to catch consumers’ attention and demonstrate how their easy-to-assemble furniture enables you to create a fully-decorated room with minimal effort. There are many potential ways that you can use a pop-up mailer to bring your own products to life – use it as an eye-catching event invitation, showcase a new product in 3D, or simply use it to make your offer jump off the page - literally.


Zipper Mailer:



The zipper mailer provides compact delivery with a big impact. Give your audience something to interact with and they will be more likely to take action. Unzipping this compact mailer inspires curiosity and promotes engagement.


The zipper mailer is self-mailing and efficient to produce, ideal for medium to large print runs. The best ways to use this specific mailer are: special promotions, invitations, acquisition campaigns, loyalty programs and welcome programs.


Scratch Off Mailer:

SW_LR_ScratchOff_1000x564 (1)


There are few direct mail design elements more irresistible than a scratch off. Scratch-off coatings have long been used in direct mail pieces to encourage interactive involvement with mailers, and they are still an effective strategy for catching your recipient's interest.


Typically, a scratch-off is designed as a basic shape - such as a circle, square, or bar - that the recipient scratches off to reveal a discount or offer code. Boost the creativity of your next direct mail piece by incorporating a scratch-off.


Max Gifter:



Boost response rates by incorporating cards into your mailer. Multiple cards provide the recipient with more ways to engage and respond, plus the efficient design helps reduce production costs to increase your ROI. Plus, these cards can be produced as a single, double or triple connected card format.


Have these interactive designs piqued your interest? Find even more direct mail inspiration in our Launch Room. Launch Room is your go-to place for direct mail ideas, articles and tools.


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