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October 04, 2022

Direct Mail Marketing Ideas to Use in 2022

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Direct mail marketing is a tried-and-true way to promote your business. Using the right strategies in this format could take your brand to the next level!


Let’s take a second to visualize a very familiar scenario. You wake up, get your morning coffee, and decide to take a little stroll and check your mailbox. You sift through the collection and see the usual assortments of bills, boring flyers, catalogs, newsletters, etc.


Just as you are tossing the mail to the side, a little brochure catches you. Promoting a new clothing site, you notice the sleek and appealing design and decide to see what the company is about.


Out of the other catalogs and direct mail—what makes this one stand out? There are many answers to this question. There are key factors that contribute to the effectiveness of direct mail marketing. Let’s talk about the ways you can make your direct mail campaign stand out.


What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a form of marketing products through physical printed materials, usually sent to consumers through mailing systems. Examples of these include coupon catalogs, postcards with offers, etc.


Here are some strategies to hook your audience with your direct mail marketing:

Custom Cards

When marketing to an audience, a key thing your advertisement needs to do is resonate with the consumer. Making direct mail campaigns that personally address your audience makes a difference. This could be a small sample box sent based on a new customer website sign-up or sending birthday deals to existing customers!


First Time offers

Having effective direct mail marketing isn’t just about how pretty your mailer looks. It’s also about the content. Your goal is to ensure that as soon as the consumer has it in their hands, they will look at it and absorb what you’re marketing. Giving first-time offers is a great way to achieve this. Things like first-time discounts and other exclusive deals will make it easier for your intended audience to keep your brand top-of-mind! 


Functional Mailers

Marketing with mailers is a great idea to ensure your target audience can see your message. But if what you send does not give your audience a reason to keep the mailer, it will likely end up in the trash. This can be avoided by sending direct mail that is functional. A great example is our Launch Room bookmarks, a simple insert that can be used as a long-time placeholder for your favorite book!


These are just a few ideas that could boost your direct mail marketing. Which marketing strategy do you plan to try? If they’re all new to you, we suggest you try them all!



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