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January 21, 2020

Discover Easy Ways to Grow Your Prospect List

SW_Grow Your Prospect List


Are you familiar with this phrase: "where are all the leads?"


If you work in marketing or sales, chances are you've heard it once or twice.


According to the USPS, 40% of direct marketing success depends on the customer list you use. A great way to reach a broad audience that matches your criteria is to try prospecting. Today we'll go over some options.

List Acquisition

If you're looking to purchase a list, we can help. At Streamworks, we ensure that your list purchases not only match the profile of your best customers but also fall within your budget and direct mail strategy. Examples of lists that we can assist with include:


Consumer Lists (target millions of consumers with thousands of select options, including age, gender, income, lifestyle and more)

Occupant Lists

Business Lists (target prospects utilizing a variety of qualifiers)

Specialty Lists


Ideas for specialty lists could include:


New Movers

Birthday Campaigns (acknowledge existing customers with a personalized birthday card)


Enhance with Data Append

At Streamworks, we partner with vendors who are list acquisition experts to ensure that we're able to provide you with enhancements that fill-in-the-blanks in your existing data.


With data append, we run your list through national databases to obtain more information, such as household size, income, etc.


Some examples of the data we can provide through data append include:


• Demographic Append - includes information such as age, income, marital status, any children in the home, as well as lifestyle attributes (hobbies/interests) and buying behaviors (new car/home)


 Phone Append - uses directory assistance to add telephone numbers, and B2B & B2C appends are also available.


• Reverse Phone Append - finds and replaces old phone numbers you may have on file with updated ones.


• Email Append - identifies recent and active email addresses, as well as confirms they want to receive communications by including an opt-in permission email (following the CAN-SPAM Act)


• Reverse Email Append - optimizes your email marketing file so you can send out multi-channel campaigns with additional customer information, such as contact names and postal addresses.


• Firmographic Append - compiles B2B marketing data, such as an organization's industry, NAICS code, structure, annual revenue, size, and market segment; in addition to contact details (location, phone number, website, job titles, and email addresses)


• Geo-Coding - allows you to target your list based on geo-targeting with latitude and longitudinal coordinates so you can have even more personalized offers.


At Streamworks, we send your files back after completion, so you can have a clean in-house database moving forward.


By using list append and acquisition services, you can create targeted direct mail campaigns that will not only save you money, but help you reach the right people with the right messaging.


To stay up-to-date on digital marketing tactics for your organization, we encourage you to follow The Buzz: a LinkedIn page that focuses exclusively on nonprofit education, best practices, and tips.

The Buzz - Nonprofit LinkedIn Showcase Page



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