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June 13, 2017

Streamworks' In-House Digital Agency Earns Google Partner Certification

Google Partner Certified 

Google dominates the world of online search, both paid and organic. If you’re seeking a search advertising partner to manage your PPC and AdWords campaigns, you should look for one that’s attained Google Partner status.

A Google Partner certification recognizes an agency’s experience, expertise, and AdWords performance. If a company has attained Partner status, you can feel confident that they know a thing or two about advertising with Google products.

The qualifications for Google Partner status are as follows:

  • Demonstrate Adwords skills and expertise through individual certification
  • Meet monthly Google ad spend requirements
  • Fulfill performance standards by delivering strong client and company growth
  • Create a Partner profile

Not just any company can meet the Partner qualification standards. But we happen to know one that does: Imagewerks, our in-house digital and creative agency. They earned their Partner status earlier this year.

 To learn more about Google Partner certification and credentials, head to the Imagewerks blog.

Google Partner Certified

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