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February 09, 2021

How Informed Delivery® Can Increase Your Open Rate

SW_Informed Delivery


What would you say if we told you that over 20 million consumers have signed up for Informed Delivery®? Not only that, but on average, Informed Delivery® campaigns have seen a 75.4% six-month open rate, and enhanced CTAs have an average CTR of 7.6%. Not bad, right?


So what is Informed Delivery®? USPS® offers a service to most US customers that allow them to sign up for free digital previews of their physical mail out for delivery.


Your customers receive scanned images of the exterior of letter-size mail pieces that are processed through automated equipment. They can view these images through three methods: email notification, the USPS® online dashboard, or through the mobile app (available through the Apple store and on Android).


You may be wondering, "what does this have to do with me?" Marketers can set up a direct mail campaign with USPS® Informed Delivery® that replaces their mail piece's black & white scans with a full-color image and a secondary image and link to an external URL.


0207-informed-deliveryImage Credit: USPS®


Here are the elements you need to bear in mind when setting up a direct mail campaign for Informed Delivery® compatibility.


Well Designed Mail piece

Since you are required to use a full-color copy of the exact piece that's mailed, you'll want to ensure it will grab your customers' attention. Both sides of the mail piece will be shown if it's a postcard or self-mailer.


Specifications for the representative image of this piece include:

• 780 x 500 px max in RGB color mode

• Must be the EXACT imagery from your mail piece

• File size cannot exceed 200 kb in JPG format


Customized Content

The best pieces are colorful, include branded imagery and minimal text. Give your customers just enough to entice them to open.


Interactive Content

The ride-along image, which is a secondary image you can use that highlights an offer or specific CTA with a URL redirect, should stay consistent with the branded imagery of your mail piece.


Specifications for the ride-along image of this piece include:

• 200 x 300 px max in RGB color mode

• Have a clear CTA

• Use the logo of your business

• Utilize a secure direct URL to the CTA (HTTPS)


Designated Dates

Each of your campaigns must have specific start and end dates. Your campaign cannot exceed 45 days, as that is the max the USPS® will allow.


Mailing Details

Any piece used in an Informed Delivery® campaign must have a MID (Mail Identified set up by the USPS®) and serial number range in the IMb (Intelligent Mail® Barcode).


So how do you get started? Informed Delivery® is a free service offered by the USPS®. The only criteria requirements are that the campaign is automation compatible and contains a valid IMb.


This service offers various benefits to industries such as financial services, telecom, eCommerce, government, insurance, retail, and many more.


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