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March 16, 2021

How Postal Remarketing Can Benefit Your Nonprofit

SW_Nonprofit Postal Append


Websites have been experiencing a tremendous surge in traffic as consumers turn to digital platforms.


Remarketing programs using Postal Append is a powerful tool for increasing donations and conversion rates by converting website traffic into direct mail.


What Is Postal Append?

When donors explore your website, Streamworks tracks your site traffic to collect visitor data—including device IP addresses. Then, using that  IP addresses we can append the datafile by matching a mailing address.  


How it Works

1. Streamworks tracks your website traffic to collect visitor data
2. Our database matches those IP addresses with visitors' residential mailing addresses
3. We create and auto-send highly targeted direct mail to visitors' homes within 48 hours.


What Are The Benefits?

There are three good reasons why you'd want to incorporate this practice into your digital marketing strategy.

Leverage Your Direct Mail
digital marketing can easily be ignored or deleted, but direct mail stands out. With Postal remarketing, we use this visitor data to our advantage and send out targeted direct mail pieces to get those lost website visitors back.

Build Your List
Grow your list by asking for less information in lead generation forms, such as their name and email address, then use postal append to fill in the blanks.

It Fills in The Blanks
With Postal Append, we're able to take CRM lists of names & email addresses and ensure we're adding the correct mailing address to your prospects.


Is Postal Remarketing Right for everyone?

Postal remarketing is perfect for any nonprofit that wants to boost brand awareness, convert lost donation opportunities, or keep its donors informed. 


Interested in learning what postal append can do for your organization? One of our nonprofit experts would be more than happy to talk to you about what we offer and how it can help you achieve your fundraising goals.

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