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August 18, 2015

How to Find Leads That "Look Like" Your Best Customers

man_magnifying_glassWhat if all of your leads were just as dedicated as your most-loyal customers? You know – those repeat customers who never fail to buy and buy again. You know who they are, and more importantly, you know how to market to them. So how can you find those perfect leads that match your current customers? It’s simple, leverage data.

By utilizing data, more specifically, customer profiling tools, you can not only verify your preconceived notions about your best customers, but also pinpoint important characteristics and demographical traits you may be missing.

Data profiling will help you as a marketer learn more about your database and confirm (or debunk) the customer traits you think you know to be true. With that information you can better target leads that look like your current customers and strengthen the relationships you hold with those customers. Using detailed audience segmentation data, you can create more targeted marketing campaigns, maximize your overall ROI and shift your marketing efforts away from a shotgun approach to marketing to a customer-tailored strategy.

Bottom line – by profiling your best customers you will get the most out of your marketing efforts and advertising dollars.

Benefits of Data Profiling

  • Statistically Reliable Picture of Who Your Best Customers Really Are – Confirm the attributes of your best customers, so you can better market to them.
  • Improved Response Rates/Lower Marketing Costs – Data insights gained by profiling allow you to better segment your data, so you can target your marketing efforts on your most profitable customers and best prospects.
  • Develop Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Opportunities – Improved data segmentation can also help you develop effective cross-sell campaigns, up-sell promotions, loyalty programs and other customer-focused strategies. 
  • Customer Acquisition – Data profiling is an excellent tool for finding prospects just like your best customers.

Why not try profiling out? Streamworks offers a data profiling service – we call it the Stream Profile. Getting a Stream Profile is easy – simply provide a list (only name and address are needed) with at least 1,000 records, and we’ll take it from there. 

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