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January 25, 2022

Increase Engagement and Event Attendance with Direct Mail

Nonprofit Launch Room Email Banner


Planning events is stressful enough without worrying about getting people to show up. 


With Launch Room, we offer templates designed by direct mail experts that improve engagement and increase turnout with print pricing as low as $0.15/piece.*



Tear-Off Postcard

Increase engagement with your offers with an easily redeemable and cost-effective tear-off format. Use inkjet personalization to create highly personalized coupons unique to each record on your mailing list.



  • 11" x 6"
  • Design #125687
  • Suggested Stock: 100# Cover 

You can integrate it with digital marketing efforts by incorporating QR codes or PURLs. Studies show that direct mail response rates increase when you integrate personalized direct and digital marketing, such as PURLs and customized landing pages.


By incorporating PURLs, you're able to:

  • Track engagement.
  • Calculate your campaign ROI.
  • Capture consumer data that may be missing from your database for future mailings.

See this and other engaging formats on our website by visiting streamworksmn.com/launch-room.


Looking for more information on how to effectively market your nonprofit? You can download a FREE copy of "Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations" for a few tips on ways you can improve your marketing efforts for 2022.

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