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September 27, 2016

Introducing Stream360 : : Print On Demand Platform

Stream360 - Print on Demand

Streamworks is excited to introduce our new print on demand platform, Stream360!

Stream360 helps companies simplify marketing operations and control brand consistency across remote sales teams, multiple franchises, or various locations.

Stream360 is a web-based automated software platform that allows you to manage, customize, and print marketing assets on an as-needed basis. The platform simplifies operations by allowing you to integrate your digital and print assets and manage your various marketing channels from one portal. Services provided by Stream360 include on-demand ordering, customization, personalization, production and fulfillment, and asset management.

With Stream360, you can empower your end users—whether that be field agents, franchisees, or your sales team—to obtain and customize the materials they need while retaining final approval in order to control your brand.

A few examples of what you can do with Stream360:

  • Create and print customized newsletters
  • Allow salespeople to obtain the collateral they need in the field
  • Order promotional products
  • Send dynamic email campaigns

Stream360 operates with an intelligent interface so you can customize your portal according to your branding specifications in order to organize workflows, localize assets, manage budgets, dictate approval levels, and control access to content based on criteria such as market, user role, and more.

This software also integrates with other common marketing platforms such as SalesForce, Marketo, and Birst.

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