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November 03, 2014

Is Your Website a Lead Generating Machine?

Does your company’s website generate a steady stream of new leads for your salespeople?

If your answer is “sometimes,” or “no” or “who knows?” let us show you how to ramp up your website's marketing wow factor with just one simple step.

Content Marketing

Here's Streamworks’ “secret” formula:

Share your expertise – a list of expert tips, a free consultation, a webinar on a timely topic with your visitors. They hand over their contact information and you give them the offer.

Don't rely on that “contact us” button. It's not working hard enough for you.

Send visitors who request your special offer to your own landing page that captures their information when they fill out a form, feeds it into your marketing automation system to start them on a drip/nurture marketing campaign, then into your CRM system so you can start a conversation with them.

You learn what they need and where they are in the buying process. They learn how you can help them.

Get a fresh set of expert eyes on your current website. A Streamworks Website Expert will show you ways to attract more visitors and turn those visitors into higher quality leads. Get this one-on-one consultation at no cost and no obligation here.


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