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September 15, 2014

Your Best Salesperson Isn't Working Hard Enough

lead_generating_websitesNo matter how good you think they are, your salespeople aren't working hard enough.

They allow customers to fall through the cracks.

Now, (before Streamworks makes your sales crew's Top 10 Enemies List), we hasten to add:

They CAN’T work hard enough.

Today's sales cycle is 24/7 and, well, life happens. They get swamped, sick or go on vacation.

The average sales person calls a prospect 1-2 times. But research shows prospects often need 7 contacts (or more!) with a company before they close the deal.

Automating your marketing closes those gaps without forcing your salesforce to give up their lives. Well-written, personalized, useful emails keep the conversation going and build relationships and trust, while turning leads into sales.

(Not to mention, computers don't take vacations or – usually -- have sick days.)

Worried you'll lose that all-important “personal touch?”

FREE Lead Generation Assessment

Streamworks' expanded services can help you reach your business and marketing goals. A Streamworks senior-level inbound marketing official will:

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  • Offer unbiased advice to improve lead generation.

FREE Lead Generation Assessment


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