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November 26, 2019

Kickstart Your Email Campaigns the Right Way in 2020

SW_Email Marketing


Digital marketing tends to be dynamic. What works well today may not work tomorrow.


That’s why we see so many new marketing tricks coming and going. Email marketing is different – it’s been a tool that marketers have relied on for many years now.


Naturally, though, there are challenges with email marketing. Let’s go over the two primary obstacles quickly.

Reduced Consumer Engagement

Consumers are becoming increasingly less tolerant of advertising. It’s hardly surprising considering the number of marketing messages that consumers receive. It’s a simple enough matter to ignore emails. As a result, the average global opening rate for emails is only 14.49%.


Cybersecurity Concerns

Cybercrime is booming – by the end of 2021, forecasts peg the annual cost of cybercrime at $6 trillion. What does that have to do with email marketing? Using the wrong words in your email might get it flagged as spam.


Modern-day cybersecurity software incorporates artificial intelligence to make it more accurate. Email scanners these days are adept at removing malicious emails and also spammy emails.


Security awareness training also has a knock-on effect on your conversion rate. Consumers today are a lot more careful about the emails that they open. Security awareness training emphasizes the point of not clicking on links in any email. That can affect conversion rates negatively.


Are These Insurmountable Problems?

Not by a long shot. You can work around these problems by using smart email tips and tricks. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a comprehensive infographic that will give you a head start. Think of it as your cheat sheet for email marketing.


Most of the tips can be implemented straight away, with little to no cost. Is it worth spending extra time on your email marketing campaign to implement the tips? Most certainly. 



Combine online and offline conversations to drive the results you want. Sign up for our FREE educational email series to learn how creating powerful integrated marketing campaigns can amplify and extend the reach of your direct mail.

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