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July 26, 2022

Nonprofit Industry News

SW_Nonprofit Industry News


At Streamworks, we pride ourselves on offering solutions.  Below are some key takeaways regarding the state of the printing industry today as it affects the nonprofit industry.

Paper Shortage:

Industry experts are predicting the shortage will continue through 2023.


Our solution: Be flexible on paperweights and finishes. Plan early and reserve your paper stock with your printer. 


Production Turn times:

Due to trucking and employee shortages, lead times are now 15-20 days vs. 5-7 in the past.

Our solution: Print all your pieces with one vendor to avoid multiple shipments and reserve your printing space.


Envelope Inventory:

The Production lead time for a full-color custom envelope is 8-12 weeks. 


Our solution: Use standard envelopes and 2/Color artwork (with no bleeds) for a two-week lead time.


There is some good news as doom and gloom as things may appear right now.


August - December 2022 mailing programs will receive a 4% postage discount on their entire mailing when using the USPS® Informed Delivery® program as an integrated marketing campaign. The discount is eligible on First-Class® and Marketing Mail letters and flats. If you're interested in learning how this discount can benefit you during your Fall Appeal campaigns, contact us today!


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