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April 13, 2021

PURLs: What They Are and Why You Should Be Using Them



It's no secret that personalization is one of the most effective ways to engage with your consumers.


According to the Print on Demand Institute (PODI), studies show that direct mail response rates can be even higher than other forms of marketing when you integrate personalized direct and digital marketing, such as PURLs and personalized landing pages. 


PURLs, or personalized URLs, are website addresses that are personalized for each of your customers and prospects. Examples of this could be or 


When it comes to PURLs, you want them to be short and easy to retype, especially if they are on a printed direct mail piece. Another great option is a QR code, which is scannable by any smart phone.


If you want to create a truly personalized campaign that brings in elements of your direct mail piece, consider designing a personalized landing page. 


Consider this: you've put together a direct mail campaign that is a welcome program for new clients. Your direct mail piece includes a PURL that sends the client to a landing page that includes their unique information. 




PURL Landing Page-01


Integrating elements of your direct mail piece will reinforce your message, and having a clear and concise call to action, such as filling out a form for what type of communications they'd like to receive moving forward, will keep them engaged.


Offering additional and important information to keep them on your site without overwhelming them shows you care about their unique needs. 


If you're interested in learning more about PURLs, you can sign up for a FREE consultation with one of our direct mail professionals today.


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