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October 20, 2020

Reduce Your Direct Mail Costs by Changing Your Envelope



This week's topic focuses on how to reduce direct mail expenses by considering alternative envelopes.


Using a standard size envelope is always the most cost-effective approach. Still, you also may want to consider using a pre-converted envelope and design with 2-colors.


A 2-color non-bleed pre-converted envelope can be produced more cost-effectively on an envelope press than printing offset on a flat sheet or roll. There are some design limitations when printing on a pre-converted envelope, but the cost savings can be substantial.


SWK Launch Room Env_4c Convert

Example: Print and Convert Envelope


SWK Launch Room Env_2c Preconvert

Example: Pre-converted Envelope


A single print run of 20,000 2-color non-bleed #10 pre-converted envelopes can save approximately 45% over printing a 4-color with bleed print and convert envelope option!  


If the design limitations or window size and placement do not meet your campaign objectives, explore gang-running your 4-color envelope with other components or using a large view window envelope to showcase your art and personalization without incurring higher print costs related to the envelope.


Download our reference guide with standard envelope sizes.


If you would like to chat about ways to create efficiencies with your direct mail campaigns or if you need a quote on your next project, please contact us today.


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