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September 15, 2020

Reduce Your Direct Mail Costs with Drop-Shipping

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There can be worthwhile postage discounts for drop-shipping your marketing mail for mailings that are geographically concentrated.


Each week's tip will help you develop direct mail campaigns with built-in savings. 


What is drop-shipping? 

Drop-shipping is the process of bypassing the front end of the postal mail stream and delivering directly to the United States Postal Service® SCF (Sectional Center Facility) destinations. There is a delivery cost, so you should weigh the delivery cost against postage savings to determine which mailings benefit this type of postage submittal process.


A bonus to drop-shipping is expedited delivery times; mail delivered directly to the SCF will typically deliver much faster!


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The United States Postal Service® provides discounts for this process. Drop shipments can save up to $0.045 per piece for mail that qualifies! 


If you would like to discuss ways to create efficiencies with your direct mail campaigns or are interested in a quote, contact us today. 


Looking for more information on postage rates?

Download our free 2020 Postage Rate Guide for postage rates, size specifications and more.


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