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September 22, 2020

Reduce Your Direct Mail Costs with Paper Options

SW_Paper Options


Choosing the right paper for your direct mail campaign involves several factors, and cost comparison should be one of them.


Between the paper itself and your campaign's goal, there are many options to consider when selecting paper.


Tips for reducing cost with different paper options

Be flexible with your selections and ask for house stock and alternative brand options when pricing your campaign. House paper stocks are the paper brand(s) of choice for your print partner and they have a low contracted price with their supplier for that selection. Those savings ultimately will be passed on to you!


• Also, explore alternative paper brands; you may be surprised to see a significant decrease in cost when choosing a similar, comparable stock from a different brand.


• When in doubt, ask for options and samples at the estimating stage of your campaign planning process. The paper you choose can significantly impact your campaign investment, especially if you print mid to larger quantity print runs. 



By comparing paper options, you can expect to gain a 10-35% savings, or more, depending on the paper selection and print volumes!


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