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September 29, 2020

Reduce Your Direct Mail Costs with USPS® Marketing Mail

SW_USPS Marketing Mail


This week's topic is focused on how to reduce direct mail expenses by selecting the right postage service. 


The postal service you choose not only affects the cost on your direct mail campaign but the response and ROI. 


Most direct mail marketers choose Marketing Mail, but what is the right choice for your campaign?   


The primary differences between First-Class™ and USPS Marketing Mail®  are price, speed of delivery, and options for mail forwarding and returns. First-Class™ mail is intended for personal or business correspondence. In contrast, Marketing Mail is used more for advertisements and mass communication. 


Speed of Delivery

First-Class Mail™ is generally delivered in 1-3 days locally and 3-5 days nationally. Marketing Mail does not have a guaranteed delivery time, but typically arrives under 5 business days locally and up to 13 days nationally. 


SW Comparison mail specs


Service Options

Marketing Mail does not offer free automatic returns and mail forwarding. You can avoid spending additional postage fees for return mail service by performing a data cleanup on your list before sending out your mail. 


SW Comparison fc - mm



On average, a letter up to 3.5 oz that qualifies for automation will save 32% per piece.  Depending on your print quantity, this can really add up!  For example, a 50,000 piece letter campaign with a 5-digit presort level can save $6,500 using USPS Marketing Mail® versus a First-Class™ service.


Interested in discussing ways to create efficiencies with your direct mail campaigns? Contact us today and download a copy of our Free 2020 Postage Guide for postage rates, size specifications and more.

2020 Postage Rate Guide Planning Tool Download


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