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July 03, 2018

Direct Mail Ideas to Help Your Response Rates Skyrocket



Everyone wants their direct mail to not only look good, but also result in sales.


If you are looking for fresh direct mail format ideas that you need to be able to quickly A/B test against your control or are looking for tips to decrease print and mail production costs while increasing accuracy & response rates, we have the resource for you. 


In honor of the season of sky rockets—aka fireworks—we’d like to introduce you to our new online resource Launch Room, with FREE direct mail formats, downloadable tools and articles all designed to help boost your response rates.

We know direct mail can be a complicated endeavor. We also know, when it’s done right, it can be a highly effective piece of your marketing strategy. Launch Room not only provides free direct mail design templates, the blog is a great resource for industry-related trends, cost saving ideas, and tools—like helpful postal rate guides— that can help you do your job more efficiently.

Here are ways you can benefit from using Launch Room:

Variety: A variety of templates are available and will be continuously uploaded to save production set-up time, allowing you to easily test new ideas to lift response rates. 

Speed: Download USPS approved design templates to quickly implement A/B tests against your control. 

Personalization: Discover new ways to personalize your mailers and offers! 

Mailing requirements: The designs match USPS mailing standards, which means your campaign should qualify for the lowest automation postal rates.

Cost: Our templates are FREE!


New ideas: Direct mail formats, tips and weekly articles are all created to provide you with fresh ideas in one convenient location. 

Explore this new resource and see first-hand how much these tools come in handy! We hope these new templates spark some new ideas for your next direct mail campaign. 


Looking to get started on your next direct mail piece? Check out our free direct mail design templates!


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