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June 05, 2018

Tips to Reduce Website Bounce Rates

bounce  rate


In order to get website visitors into your sales funnel, you want low website bounce rates.

When your bounce rates are too high, there is likely something wrong in your strategy. Either you are not attracting the right visitor, or you are failing to provide a good user experience.


Website visitors can bounce from your site by clicking on a link to a new site, clicking the back button, closing an open window, or typing a new URL. Most websites will see bounce rates between 26-70 percent.


Our in house creative digital and creative agency, Imagewërks Marketing has extensive expertise in the fields of digital marketing and UX design. In their latest blog, you can find out why website visitors are leaving your website and tips to create a more meaningful experience so they stay on your site longer. We encourage anyone looking to improve their website's performance to check it out. 


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