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January 11, 2018

New USPS Postal Rates Take Effect January 21, 2018 [Download Rate Guide]

New USPS postal rates take effect January 21, 2018. Marketing Mail (formerly known as Standard Mail) rates will increase an average of 1.9%.


2018 Postal Rate Highlights

The 2018 USPS postal rate changes include a one-cent increase in the price of First Class Mail Forever stamp, bringing the stamps up to 50 cents. Postcard stamps and metered letters are also increasing by one cent.


Rates for First Class Mail commercial letters are increasing an average of 1.6% and single-piece rates will increase by 2.1%. Marketers will be interested to know that First Class commercial letters are now the same rate up to 3.5 ounces.


Mailing Services products will increase in by price by approximately 1.9%. Shipping Services products will increase by 3.9% on average, with a corresponding 3.9% increase for Priority Mail and 0.8% for Priority Mail Retail.



New 2018 Postal Rates


Key First Class Mail Single Piece Prices:

 Product Current Price New Price Percent Changed
Stamp Price 1 0z. 0.49 0.50 2.0%
Single Piece Additional Ounce  0.21 0.21 0.0%
Meter Price 1 Oz. 0.46 0.47 2.2%
Single-Piece Flats 1 Oz. 0.98 1.00 2.0%
Single-Piece Cards 0.34 0.35 2.9%

Key First-Class Mail Bulk Prices: 

 Product Current Price New Price Percent Changed
Mixed AADC Automation Letters 0.423 0.424 0.2%
AADC Automation Letters 0.403 0.408 1.2%
5-Digit Automation Letters 0.373 0.378 1.3%
Mixed ADC Automation Flats 0.750 .705 -6.0%
3-Digit Automation Flats 0.630 0.593 -5.9%
5-Digit Automation Flats 0.446 0.474 6.3%

 USPS Marketing Mail 

Product CPI Percent Change
Letters 2.0%
Flats 2.1%
Carrier Route Letters, Flats, and Parcels 2.0%
High Density / Saturation Letters 2.4%
High Density / Saturation Flats and Parcels 1.1%
Parcels 2.8%
EDDM-Retail 0.6% 


For a complete guide to 2018 USPS postal regulations and guidelines, download our free 12-page USPS Rate Guide.


USPS Postal Rate Guide/Direct Mail Planning Tol

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