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June 28, 2013

Welcome to Streamworks

Welcome to Streamworks! We are excited to launch our next generation of direct marketing.

Streamworks is a joint venture between Action and Expedite, two of Minnesota’s most respected direct mail and fulfillment providers. Our new organization, formed July 1, 2013, is poised to be an innovative leader in the direct marketing community. Through our extensive knowledge of data, delivery channels and creative flair, we look to create meaningful and deliverable messaging that drives results for our customers.

Streamworks is a multi-channel direct marketing service provider helping clients identify proper communication channels, execute meaningful messaging and deliver measurable results.

If we are new to you, then we welcome you to check us out. If we’ve partnered with you for many years, we invite you to see what else we can do to serve you better.

Read our press release for more details of our joint venture or get in contact with us to talk more.

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