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August 25, 2014

What Is Your Customer's State of Mind?

In a recent study conducted by IPC Media, it was found that what we've come to know as “me time” has evolved to encompass three different mind states – catch-up time, focus time and down time -  with media interactions (including commercial content and advertising) varying depending on each state.

Catch-up time: typically in the morning; when consumers turn to media to catch up on information. Key to this state is easy access and the ability to gather and digest information quickly. This is when consumers turn to apps and social media most.

Focus time: during the day; consumers are time-deprived and have a clearer focus on the information they are seeking and where to find it. Social media, apps, websites and print are all consumed to fulfill this need.

Down time: typically in the evening; consumers are juggling less and usually more receptive to advertising in this mind state. Content is consumed across all platforms.

Now the logical next questions to ask are: What state of mind is your target audience in when they interact with your messaging? Are they on a focused search or a leisurely wandering?

Does your messaging, timing and format match the mind state of your consumer? Now may be a good time to do some research into your audience and how you can better line up your efforts with their state of mind.


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