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July 31, 2018

What Millennials Can Teach Us About Lead Generation



If you’ve ever interacted with a little kid, they’ve most likely asked you the question, “Why?” more times than you can count.


Sometimes, the question is unwarranted but oftentimes, kids are genuinely curious about why you are doing something. Today, the question of “Why?” doesn’t stop with just children anymore. Now, we see millennials asking the same question – “Why?” “Why did I get this flyer in the mail?” or, “Why did I get this ad on Facebook?” and, “What does this piece provide me with?”


Because millennials are questioning everything in the world today, we need to tailor our marketing efforts towards that exact question and we need to give them an answer. Knowing this and implementing tactics to answer their questions will help you improve lead generation.


We need to learn from our audience and start sending them messages they care about rather than sending them messages that they pass over. Below are some tactics you can use to improve your lead generation through knowing what millennials care about when they’re being marketed to:


According to the ‘Mail Moments’ survey sponsored by the USPS, 50% of millennials like to discover what the mail holds for them and consider engaging with it time well spent. Because they value  personalized mail, their interest rate is spiked and they’re more likely to spend time reading your mailer now than if it wasn’t personalized.


Millennials appreciate feeling like they have freedom to make their own decisions. When you add a personal touch to your direct mail campaigns, it sends a message that you see them as an individual rather than as part of a group of people.


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While millennials are known for their love of advanced technology and cell phone use, they engage and actually enjoy printed pieces of marketing. Traditional marketing tactics like direct mail achieve the greatest results when they're combined with millennials` native language - digital marketing. 


Integration of both strategies, both online and offline, is key to a successful marketing plan and improving lead generation. It’s necessary to be relevant and present in both spaces.

The best part of integrating print and digital marketing is they actually work together.


For example, if you generate leads through your website, you can send them targeted digital marketing messages via social media ads but you can also send them an individualized direct mail piece, both of which can be personalized to reflect the content the visitor engaged with on your site. 


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Taking your marketing efforts to the next level must include looking at your current audience and defining tactics to improve your lead generation. Knowing millennial characteristics can help with that.


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