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September 24, 2019

Why Direct Mail is Still #1



When's the last time you opened an email from a company and felt like it was crafted just for you?


Even though technology has its advantages, figures show that 97% of people don't click email links, compared to 98% of people — including millennials — who check their direct mail daily. With numbers like that, it's clear that direct mail is still the number one way to engage your customers.


Why is direct mail so effective? There are several reasons it should be a key component in your marketing strategy.


It has that personal touch

Direct mail offers the right tools to create a highly-targeted campaign for a specific audience. It allows you to reach current and prospective customers with specific offers and information that meets their personal needs. It's an excellent way for your business to get noticed and evoke a positive response in your customers.


The numbers don't lie

It's easier than you think to measure how successful a direct mail campaign is. There are several ways you can do it:


• Call Tracking

• Coupon Redemptions

• Boost in Orders on Specific Products/Services


Using metrics to measure the ROI of your campaign helps in planning for future marketing efforts to an array of demographics.


Front of mind tangibility

Unlike emails, which can easily be skimmed and forgotten, direct mail is a physical reminder of what you're offering. 


Knowing that you must keep the following in mind:


• Stand Out - your piece should offer an eye-catching color, shape, or size

• Captain Obvious - customers should be able to tell right away who you are and what you're selling

• Unbelievable Deal - provide an offer your customers won't want to miss out on

• Sell it - use compelling copy and headlines that pop to keep your customers engaged

• Free samples - include a gift or example of what you can do: people love getting something for nothing


Spend your dollars wisely

Direct mail can provide a variety of ways to keep your point-of-entry costs low. From reduced postage fees, regular response rates, and cost-effective print methods available, it's no wonder direct mail has such a high ROI.


Ready to get started with your next direct mail piece? At Streamworks, we offer solutions that allow us to track your mailings, run reports, and provide you with valuable insight on this and future campaigns. Find out what mail tracking can do for you!


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