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June 04, 2019

Why Loyalty Programs Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Generating brand loyalty isn't a new concept: several companies, from grocery stores to high-end retailers, have a form of loyalty program to reinforce this practice.


IRI Consumer Connect reported that 74% of consumers would choose a store based on a strong loyalty or discount program. Hawk Incentives Research backed up these findings by noting that 79% of consumers look for loyalty and reward program deals before making a purchase.

But what is a loyalty program? Although every business will have its unique take, the defining principle remains the same: it's a marketing system that rewards purchasing behavior, thus reinforcing brand loyalty. This program could offer things like coupons, store credit, prizes, deep discounts, or any number of benefits that would entice a customer to keep coming back.

Loyalty cards are popular since the more you use them, the more you get in return compared to non-members. It also has the bonus of allowing you to collect customer data, like email addresses and phone numbers, that you can use in the future to send out news and updates. The only downside is that it requires your customer to keep a copy of it on them at all times, which might not be convenient for them.


A common misconception is that printing plastic loyalty program cards will eat into your bottom line when, in reality, it's the opposite. Even if you were to only see a 2% rise in your customer retention, it would still be the same as slicing 10% off your business costs. However, this will only hold if you have a large customer base that will continually choose you over your competitors.

So how do you implement a loyalty program? A great way to personalize your program would be to incorporate it into a direct mail strategy. Our Sneak Peek Letter Package, which showcases your loyalty program card right away and includes a personalized letter to your customer, welcoming them to the program and providing them with the information they may not know about what unique perks they can expect.



Another great option is our Max Gifter Launch Room format, which would allow you to include 2-3 cards in a stand-alone mail brochure that highlights what your customers can expect by taking part in your loyalty program.



Lastly, our Pop-Up Mailer puts your loyalty program front and center with a fun, unique pop-up feature all in a fun, single mail piece they can keep as a brochure.



Streamworks now offers plastic card printing with the support of 121 Marketing Services Group, our Rogers, MN printing and fulfillment facility. Learn more about 121 and see how Streamworks can help you develop a loyalty campaign that will keep them coming back for more.


121 Loyalty Card Program


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