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March 09, 2021

Why You Should Be Using Precanceled Stamps

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Many direct marketers believe an envelope with a stamp will get noticed more often and portray a personal touch to a direct mail campaign. 


This may be true, but the cost difference between a first-class stamp and a presort permit imprint may affect your ROI. Using a precanceled stamp instead of a permit imprint is one way to offset the cost while portraying the personal touch to get noticed and are available as self-adhesive as well.

Precanceled stamps are special stamps in small denominations and are specifically for presorted First-Class Mail® and USPS® Marketing Mail mailings. Mailers apply these special stamps to envelopes at a lower postage price and pay the difference through your postage permit account. Precanceled stamps are available in various non-denominations, and price varies by category.


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Precanceled stamps come preprinted with the required rate markings. First-Class Mail® precanceled stamps say "PRESORTED FIRST-CLASS." USPS Marketing Mail® precanceled stamps say "PRSRT STD" or "NONPROFIT ORG."


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