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April 11, 2017

Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs Marketing-On-Demand

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Marketing-on-demand software allows healthcare marketers to manage, customize, and distribute marketing materials on an as-needed basis while retaining regulatory compliance and brand control across the board.

Think about it, just one medical clinic can be responsible for a bevy of marketing assets: brochures, patient communication collateral, signage, forms, and more. When you take that and multiply it by numerous departments or locations, the sheer volume of assets to track, manage, and update becomes an overwhelming endeavor - and fast. That’s why marketing asset management matters: it simplifies the process of tracking down and updating collateral, freeing up your time to focus on strategic priorities.

Here’s just a few of the challenges you can overcome with the help of a marketing-on-demand platform.

1) Managing Assets

According to a 2011 survey, workers spend on average of 8.8 hours per week searching for information. That adds up to 52 working days per year and a serious hit to productivity and the bottom line. A marketing on demand platform helps curtail this number by allowing you to keep all your marketing assets in one central location, making them easier to manage.

For corporate healthcare marketers, this is your opportunity to aggregate all your disparate print and digital materials and make them accessible from one single portal, enabling the ability to connect field reps with approved assets and vendors from any place at any time.

2) Brand Compliance

A common challenge companies encounter with remote sales teams or multiple locations is that in a pinch they’ll customize marketing materials themselves rather than going through the proper channels, often ignoring brand standards or even creating content that may be inaccurate.

Because of patient safety and compliance with information governance laws, healthcare communications have an added layer of complexity. When assets are mismanaged, you run the risk of inadvertently sharing outdated or incomplete information. Marketing on demand gives corporate marketing teams control over which components of your marketing materials are customizable, and even retain final approval before materials are printed or downloaded.

3) Efficiency

Marketing-on-demand software streamlines the lag time between a request for materials and delivering them to team members in the field. Whether it’s a marketing manager or an office administrator from a satellite location, authorized users can easily access hospital logos, physician photos, branded corporate materials and more, allowing your combined marketing efforts to be executed with better ease and efficiency.

4) Personalization

Of top-performing companies, 91% cite the need to increase relevance and personalization in local markets as the top reason to invest in marketing asset management.

Personalized marketing materials are an essential part of one-to-one marketing and the acquisition process. But finding the time and resources to provide local markets and remote teams with personalized marketing materials is a real challenge for corporate marketing departments.

With a marketing-on-demand platform, you can create templates that end users personalize with their location, specialty or product information, greatly improving the accuracy of your marketing materials while decreasing time to market. Distributed healthcare organizations have the ability to personalize content to meet industry-specific, patient-specific, and location-specific needs, all while maintaining brand compliance.

Marketing-on-demand services streamline the relationship between marketing and logistics. From one central interface, you can localize assets, organize workflows, manage budgets, enforce branding specifications, and moderate access to collateral based on custom criteria such as market, user role, and more.

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