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February 25, 2020

Nonprofit Marketing Collateral: What You Need



When it comes to marketing your nonprofit organization, you don't need to worry about being everywhere and having everything to get your message out there. 


Let's go over some basics you should have in your marketing arsenal that you can build off of as the need arises.


Case for Support

Building a case for support is arguably the most critical marketing piece you should have to garner support for your organization. Without this, you don’t have a reason for people to donate.


A case for support, or case statement, should include the following:


• Mission statement

• Financial data

• Program analysis & reports

• Program wish list

• What needs your organization addresses

• Progress to-date with your objective

• Future objectives and actionable goals

• Why your organization is worthy of receiving financial support


Use this as a brand guide for generating all articles that support it.


Wow-worthy Website

It cannot be stressed enough—if you want to leave a lasting impression, you need a great website. We will go over specifics to achieve this in a later blog post.


Annual Report

This document is crucial in relating to the general public and shareholders alike how your organization operates and the impact it is having in your target demographic.


The Annual Report should cover:


• Where you fall within your industry

• Statements of income and financial position

• How you achieved your goals the previous year

• Leadership and board members

• The impact you've made


Case Statements for Major Donors

Sometimes your organization may have a pressing need that you want to propose to your major donors. You will want to put together a presentation that highlights the unique challenge, how you intend to fund it, where the gap in funding lies, and the hurdles to getting that funding. It should be clear, concise, and explain the need you want the donor to address.


Presentation Template

Your development team is going to want materials handy when meeting with prospective donors, in both print and digital formats. Creating a branded design template that they can populate to suit their unique fundraising needs ensures your message stays consistent both inside and outside the organization.


Print Pieces

It may seem old school, but printed marketing materials are an essential part of your toolkit. Not everyone wants to view a PDF in their email, as it can be easily forgotten. There is something to be said for the tactile nature of paper, so you should bear that in mind when creating eye-catching printed materials for your donors and development team.


Items you will want to have on hand include:


• Brochures

• Flyers

• Stationery and envelopes

• Pledge cards

• Letters of intent

• Response envelopes

There are cost-saving ways to ensure you can put your best foot forward without breaking the bank when it comes to your print materials. Your print vendor should be able to assist you with economic and efficient options for your print runs.



Your organization should have personalized email signatures that stress who you are, your mission, and your team members' roles within your organization.


A branded email newsletter is a must. Having a standard format that will be instantly recognizable to your donor base will ensure your message stays consistent. Newsletters are a great way to keep them up-to-date and engaged.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but compelling videos are priceless when it comes to sharing your mission.


Ideas on how you can incorporate video include:


• Fundraising videos

• Success stories

• Thank you messages


We will go more in-depth on this topic in a separate blog post on digital marketing.


In summary, if you start with the items mentioned, you will have the foundation you need to build successful marketing materials.


Feeling overwhelmed with all of the different options available? We can help with a FREE Marketing Assessment to determine which avenues are the best place for you to start to generate buzz for your non-profit organization.

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