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November 17, 2020

Reduce Your Direct Mail Costs with Selective Inserting

barcoding blog post


Continuing with our Direct Mail Cost Reduction series, this week's topic is focuses on how to reduce direct mail expenses using selective inserting.


As marketers, we are driven to personalize and customize our direct mail packages to deliver the right message to the right prospect. Sometimes, this means creating multiple inserts for different segments of a mail file. You can achieve this level of customization and still keep the cost down by using selective inserting.


What is Selective Inserting?

Selective inserting is the ability to choose which pre-printed inserts are included in a package without having to break your mail file into separate jobs. At Streamworks, our selective inserting equipment can accommodate up to 8 static pre-printed inserts into a letter or jumbo size envelope.


How does it work?

We use camera technology to read pre-programmed barcodes printed on the letters. The letter can be a single page or accumulated before folding. As the folded letter passes under the camera, it reads the selective inserting information and triggers the right insert pocket to open. This technology is perfect for mail programs with unique BREs, disclaimers, collateral, or buck slips to customize messaging. If you would like to learn more about using barcodes and our selective inserting process, Watch Video.



Using camera technology to insert your campaign pieces selectively reduces the production set up because you do not have to break the program into segmented subsets. This also saves postage because your program has one presorted mail file for optimal savings.


Your savings can be substantial when this technology is used for reoccurring mail programs (ex. daily, weekly, monthly).


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