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September 02, 2014

What Role Do Marketing Channels Play in the Buying Process?

Lifecycle_Sales_FunnelAs strong proponents of lifecycle marketing, we believe it’s imperative to view marketing channels based on the stages in your buying process and what consumers are looking to you for at each stage.

In a recent study from IPC Media it was found that different channels play important roles influencing consumers throughout the buying process.

Some key findings:

Brands spark inspirations and ideas across all platforms:

  • 89% of consumers are inspired by print
  • 85% get ideas from digital editions
  • 81% from online
  • 77% from apps
  • 72% from social media

Looking at which platforms trigger online searches for more information about products and services:

  • 67% say digital editions
  • 60% by websites
  • 57% are driven by the print editions
  • 54% by apps

Print had the most influence over actual purchases -- either from a brick-and-mortar store or online:

  • 45% of respondents say ads in print magazines inspired a purchase
  • 40% indicated that digital editions motivated them to buy
  • 38% noted ads in apps
  • 34% from the web

In generating word of mouth buzz:

  • Print leads the way with 64% indicating they have shared with friends and family from print magazines
  • 52% shared from digital editions
  • 52% from apps
  • 49% shared from the internet
  • 36% from social media


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